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Animal Control

City of Benson Animal Shelter / Animal Control

Animal Control Officers:
Tammy Marble

Location and Phone Number:
104 E. Harvest Way
Benson, AZ 85602
Phone: (520) 586-3600

The Benson Animal Shelter is a division of the City of Benson Police Department and is operated by the City of Benson. Our facility is dedicated to finding homes for the animals left abandoned, surrendered and lost within the City Limits as well as Cochise County. We maintain our shelter with the caring efforts and donations from our community along with the City of Benson.

Our volunteers (when we have them) work daily with all our animals to increase socialization and training skills. Come volunteer or stop by and see if the perfect rescue pet is waiting for you.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday & holidays



Benson Animal Shelter:
(520) 586 - 3600

Arizona Game and Fish Department
  • (602) 942 - 3000
Cochise County Sheriffs Department:
  • (520) 432-9501
USDA - can assist with some Wildlife and Rabies issues:
  • (866) 949 - 0293 (Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
  • (602) 542 - 4373 (Monday - Friday)
  • (800) 294 - 0305
The Benson Animal Shelter works with:
  • All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Benson - LINK
  • Benson Animal Hospital in Benson - LINK
  • ARK - Animal Rural Klinic - located in Whetstone - LINK

The Animal Shelter is located at 104 Harvest Way; Benson, Arizona  85602
Our phone number is (520) 586-3600.
Renewing Dog Licenses or Purchasing New Dog Licenses:
Fixed:                    $10.00
Non-Fixed:            $20.00
There is no charge for certified service animals.

Deadline each year is March 31st to avoid late fees.

Q: What if I get a dog after March 31?
A:  If you get a dog after March 31, they are considered new dogs and no late fee will be assessed.

Q:  How much are the late fees?
A.:  Late fee is additional 50 percent of the accessed fee (Code 6-2-2B). As an example buying a late license for a fixed dog ($10 fee plus $5 late fee)  compared to a non fixed dog ($20 license fee and $10 late fee).

Q:  Where do I purchase a dog license?
A:  You may license your dog at the Finance Department at City Hall located at 101 E. 6th Street. Be sure to bring proof of Rabies Shots with you at the  time of licensing.

City of Benson Finance Department Official Site
Do you have a love for animals? Be a part of the Benson Animal Shelter by becoming a volunteer.
Volunteering is a great way to improve the lives of our shelter pets, and we offer many ways for you to help!
Quality time with shelter animals has a positive and long-lasting effect on their well-being and they need your compassion.
Please contact the Animal Shelter to learn more about volunteering! 
Call 520-586-3600.
Currently there is not a rabies vaccination clinic scheduled.
Check back for updates.
The best thing to do if you find injured or truly orphaned wildlife is to call the Arizona Game and Fish Department at (602) 942-3000 and let them handle it. Or you may contact the Tucson Wildlife Center at (520) 290 - WILD (9453).

What to do if you find a wild baby animal?
The most important thing to do if you find a baby wild animal is to leave it alone! Wild animals are extremely good parents and many times well-meaning rescuers pick up and whisk away healthy youngsters while their parents watch unseen. Leave it there; it's mother will come back for it.

What to do if you find injured wildlife?
Handling any animal - whether it is domestic, wild, dead or alive is potentially hazardous. Obvious dangers include bites, scratches and general hygiene issues such as disease transmission.

Should I feed injured or orphaned wildlife?
You should never feed wildlife! Besides attracting unwanted critters around your home; great harm can come to an animal that is fed the wrong food, at the wrong time or in the wrong way.
Arizona Game and Fish
(602) 942 - 3000

Arizona Game and Fish Department Official Site
Tucson Wildlife Center Website
Did you know Gila Monsters are Federally protected and there is a $10,000.00 fine to even touch one?

Don't touch! Gila Monsters are not supposed to be moved! If you find one near your home and you have animals, please take your animals inside. Leave the Gila Monster alone, It will move on.